READY FOR SEPTEMBER? Free webinar sessions

We are pleased to offer you  our free webinars to get you READY for SEPTEMBER.
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13/9: The magnetic attraction of your values compass by Nicole Wellens

In a world of uncertainty, turbulence and complexity, how do you make sustainable and better choices or plans that will still be relevant in five or ten years’ time?
What you will discover during this session is:

  • The added value of being able to work easily with values as a coach or manager.
  • How value awareness gives room for self-knowledge and self-management, growth and transformation.
  • What the link is between our expectations and values, between top values and conditions.
  • What the effect is on your relationships.
  • How you can work more practically with values, as a coach or manager

14/9: Attention Management as a Competency by Sylvie Bracqué

Where is your attention today, where is your focus? Do you also experience the multitude of to do’s, meetings and overflowing schedules? How do you deal with the abundance of information?

We know that the skill “attention” management is gaining importance today. How can you manage your attention, your focus? Paying attention to what is important, is important.

During this session I would like to take you through what attention management is, why it is becoming more and more important to you and what you as a coach or manager can do with this concept in reality.

17/9: Next Level Coaching & Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence by Marleen Boen

Are you a coach or a leader with a coaching attitude? Then this free lunch training on the power of Emotional Intelligence is for you! The number of registrations is limited.

  • how to deal intelligently with your own and other people’s emotions
  • which skills are essential to get the best out of yourself and others
  • a framework that provides practical guidance on how to make EI tangible and learnable
  • how your strengths leverage less developed areas
  • how to better prepare yourself for a world that is constantly changing

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Each session starts at 11:30 and lasts 45 minutes. Of course there will be time for Q&A.