TCS – Coach profiel – Maarten Deroey – NL 2020 – BW

Maarten Deroey

Maarten is very passionate about training & coaching. After having spent more than 10 years in different coaching environments - from topsport to corporate - he gained a lot of valuable insights on how to improve team dynamics and optimize human potential. He doesn’t pretend to have all the answers, but by deliberately slowing down he guides people & teams to find their own answers.


Maarten Deroey – ICF (International Coach Federation)

Coaching experience and focus areas
  • Maarten started as a B2C consultant in performance improvement & stress management before he became coach for Topsport Vlaanderen, where he guided multiple national youth teams and players on their personal growth trajectories. After getting to know the B2B market as a corporate health consultant for large corporates, he started his own business. Maarten is the founder of Slowify, a dynamic training & coaching agency with a clear mission to empower people and organizations to unlock their true potential. He believes taking a moment to slow down and create clarity on what matters most, will accelerate you and your team in the right direction. Furthermore Maarten writes long-reads for the management magazine about the theme ‘lessons from leaders’. Every month he publishes an interview with the most important insights, experiences, tips & tricks from leaders who want to make a positive impact on our society. Maarten is an inspiring sparring partner who challenges ambitious and futureoriented individuals and organizations at the crossroads of change. He supports them in developing a possibility mindset, resourceful success strategies and real leadership.
what Maarten is particularly proud of :
  • + 250h practical experience in coaching
  • PCC (Professional Certified Coach)

Maarten is passionately active in these programs: