The 11 Coach competencies

To be a coach, one must honor and promote certain criteria and specific requirements when in contact with partners.  

The accreditation process of the International Coach Federation (ICF) has highlighted the 11 key skills that should be possessed by everyone who wishes of becoming a coach. We have classified them into 4 categories:

Establishing the foundations for customer relations

1.     Complying with the ethical directives and professional standards.

2.     Understanding customer requirements and proposing appropriate solutions.

Strengthening customer relations

3.     Building a relationship based on trust and respect.

4.     Communicating in an open, flexible and comforting manner.

Communicating with the customer

5.   Giving special attention to verbal communication as well as nonverbal, and encouraging the client’s personal expression.

6.     Asking relevant questions.

7.    Communicating in both direct and indirect manners.

“Learning to succeed”

8.   Integrating and assessing information sources and proposing solutions to achieve previously defined objectives.

9.     Creating opportunities for continuous learning, with the customer, to get desired results.

10.   Planning and setting goals with the client.

11.  Focusing on what is important to customers and enabling them to take responsibility for their actions.