Secure Corporate Control Private Limited

Secure Business Management Private Limited is mostly a Private Organization registered when using the Registrar of Companies (ROC) in Delhi. The company is actually a Non-Government Institution and its registered office address is certainly Q-25, PERIOD 1, NEW PALAM VIHAR, GURGAON. They have 3 administrators and no key element management employees. This American indian Company is definitely involved in Personal & Sociable Services Activity and currently has an Energetic Status. For additional information, make sure you consider the details offered below.

Safeguarded Corporate Operations Private Limited is a Non-public Company limited by Shares, integrated at the Registrar of Corporations in Delhi about 25th September, 2019. The company has 3 or more directors and is also classified as a Non-govt business. The Registered Office Resolve of the company shows up below. The registered workplace address is normally ‘New Delhi’. The address of the business is ‘Delhi’. Its signed up office resolve is ‘District of New Delhi, India’.

This company is based in Delhi. It was integrated on 25 September, 2019, and its signing up number is definitely 082777. This company has 4 Directors and a Paid out Up Capital of Rs 10, 00, 000. They have no companions or investors. This institution is a Non-govt. and has got three Managing Directors. The Registered Office House is ‘Round Hill Street, Delhi’. The Registered Workplace Address is definitely ‘RJD1A’.