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Be inspired to personal success and contribute to the success of your organisation

Our mission and vision

Our mission is to be the most inspiring, challenging and enabling sparring partner for ambitious and future-fit individuals and organisations who are in a pivotal moment of change. We support them in developing a possibility mindset, resourceful success strategies and true leadership: the foundations to facilitate sustainable innovation and change for others.

We offer people who want to change the world
the attitude and competencies to make it happen

We believe self-awareness and emotional maturity are a prerequisite for personal strength and growth.
We believe in autonomy, self-responsibility and the power of passion.
We believe people can achieve sustainable success in all areas of their lives with a clear sense of purpose and the courage to do whatever it takes.

Therefore we support leaders, coaches and professionals to take ownership of their role. We encourage them in discovering their internal strength and developing their potential. We want them to prosper and be profitable while learning, growing and becoming the people and organisations they are and want to be. In turn, they will bring forth meaningful evolution to their environment.

We want to inspire true transformation. We want to enable the human side of change.

Change is fast and unpredictable, with no clear pattern: the securities of the past are no longer reliable. Welcome to this VUCA world. You’ll notice it too: coping with characteristics such as Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity makes it more and more difficult for you and your organisation to make long-term plans. So you need to find a different way of working. And at the same time, a mindset that is alert, and ready to deal with every challenge consciously, flexibly and with vision.

Our answer to the VUCA world

Your personal success is close at hand, as soon as you tap into your potential for dealing with change, and consequently life. It will give you the courage to choose a good life, and your personal success will also contribute to that of the organisation. This gives the acronym VUCA a whole new meaning:

As a leader or manager, you want fast, sustainable and measurable results that are future proof in this VUCA world. That won’t happen of its own accord.

Focusing on your personal growth, by way of coaching and training, will give your mindset the boost it needs to contribute not only to your personal success, but of course also to the business excellence of your organisation.

Why get in touch with us?

Employees, managers and coaches who are looking to find a dynamic balance between personal and company interests and who are pursuing a better quality of life can all get in touch with us to organise coaching, training programmes and strategic HR advice.

8 benefits of personal development to your organisation

  1. Personal growth leads to the evolution of your organisation
  2. Shared knowledge and skills serve the common interest
  3. Ambition and ownership contribute to an atmosphere of progress
  4. More insight makes for faster and supported decision-making
  5. Coaching competences support personal leadership and potential
  6. Continuous learning increases resilience in unforeseen circumstances
  7. Awareness boosts the positive mindset and satisfied people perform better
  8. A coaching culture strengthens your organisation so it’s a competitive advantage.

Build your organisation with sustainable business practices

Growth, recognition, success and quality of life. Employees pursue these things, and so do managers and employers. The real profit for every business and every individual, in the quest for continued balance between personal and company goals, lies in the common interest.

In a world that is constantly changing, finding the cross-section, the common interest, is a huge challenge. Consequently, company vision, insights and processes do actually evolve according to the changing circumstances.

Only then can you tap into the right potential at the right time. The result: employees who are engaged and aware, one of the greatest sources of energy for a successful company.

Invest in a dynamic balance, at that point where personal and company interests meet and are reinforced. 

An investment that pays off, immediately and constantly.

The return on investment of effect coaching

Coaching works. We like to call our approach ’effect coaching’. Effect coaching really makes a difference, and the ROI of coaching is positively impressive. The evidence can be found in figures by MetrixGlobal and Harvard Business Review, for example. And yet the majority of organisations ignore coaching.

Effect coaching helps you overcome any mental and emotional barriers standing in the way of the common growth of you and your organisation.

Coaching helps you identify more options and make decisions that fit perfectly with the results you’re looking for. Our certified effect coaches act as your professional sparring partner, your sounding board and challenger in:

A real partnership makes the difference

Training & Coaching Square is widely recognised as being the foremost expert in the field of training and coaching. We have a broad and profound expertise: we were one of the very first coaching organisations in Belgium, and the first in Belgium to be accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Led by founding director Marleen Boen, Master Certified Coach (MCC), we turned ‘coaching’ into a hallmark. And we would like to put that at the disposal of you and your organisation.

Work with us on specific courses in training, coaching mentoring and out-of-the-box learning.
You have particular needs and your company’s situation is unique, so tailoring is an absolute must. Only then can there be impact and sustainable results.

We chart precisely what each employee needs in order to grow, according to their personal goals and in line with company objectives. That way, you make use of the creative tension between the various targets:

A carefully-considered route to success
Reach the effect you want in 6 steps, with boosters for a drop-by-drop development:

  1. Introduction: potential and pitfalls
  2. Pre-analysis: questions and observation
  3. Options: organisation planning towards evolution
  4. Preparing annual plan of work: naming intention and effect
  5. Implementation: start – continue or step-by-step – group/individual – top down/bottom up/lateral 
  6. Effect – check

We offer people who want to change the world
the attitude and competencies to make it happen