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Marleen Boen

Managing Director - MCC

Marleen is an entrepreneur who encourages and dares to experiment. She manages to achieve a higher level of executive coaching through keen observations and discussions; converting complex situations into relevant, simple decisions is her speciality. Publications: 'I want a coach’ and ‘Coaching, a story of vision and strategy.’


Marleen Boen – Master Certified Coach at International Coach Federation (ICF)

Coaching experience and focus areas
  • Creator and Trainer of ICF certified training programmes and JCI Worldwide International training Fellow Training with a coaching accent. With over 20000 hours (20+ years ) in leadership , communication , change and coaching programmes , the process of creating programmes that are severely audited and compared to the required competencies as well as her pedagogical background help her to realize programmes that are focussed on the learning process of each individual . Her extensive experience makes her flexible in applying the right methodology at the right moment for learning and progress to happen. Her insight in what is needed to overcome resistance and her resilience support trainees in their efforts . Her life examples show trainees that it is truly possible to go through a transition in difficult circumstances and learn from the experience.
  • Master Certified Coach (ICF) TEAMcoach. With over 10000 hours (20+ years ) experience in all levels of coaching (executive, leadership , mentor, management, performance, team etc ) her coachings have a deep impact on business and personal life. “Walk the talk”and doing what is needed to enhance transition ” (DWIT) is very present in every stage of the coach process , In team coachings she negotiaties for win/win results that serve the common interest of an organization Her coachings are aiming for impact, with respect for the life phase the coachee is going true.
what Marleen is particularly proud of :
  • General Manager founder of The Coaching Square Ithaka
  • Founder, creator, backbone of “The House To Be”
  • Senior Executive Business Coach Master Certified Coach at International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Entrepreneur : realization of innovative business projects
  • Proven People manager high agility and very inventive
  • Leadership & Communication Specialist with field experience
  • Expert in Strategic and Visionary Management in a VUCA world
  • Master Certified Coach (+ 10000 hours)
  • Coaching for unlocking and challenging potential possibilities
  • Creator of Coaching and leadership programs based on trend watching and getting to the essence of innovation
  • Author of “I want a coach”
  • Lead Author of ‘Values in Wheel of Life”
  • Author of white papers “Igniting business excellence through personal growth” Author for trends MT magazine inspirational writer of white papers.
  • International Training Fellow 69 in JCI Senator in JCI

Marleen is passionately active in these programs: