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Bloom: Purpose and Identity oriented Managing

A revolutionary programme around next-level management and future-proof leadership in a VUCA world.

Top Management
Business Transformation

Next-level Management: betekenisvol welzijn in de welvaart

As a top manager, have you had enough of yet another management course and do you still feel that there’s a missing link? ‘The only way out is in’: the focus in BLOOM is on your increasing value as a person and as a manager. To evolve from hard work to meaningful living. ‘Becoming who you are’ is the guiding principle: from being static to evolving dynamically – even with all your wisdom and experience. This is an investment in yourself, a resourcing to stand firm as a top manager.

This programme is for top executives, managers, leaders and entrepreneurs who
  • are passionate about removing ‘barriers’ and making sense of life and work
  • want to experience ‘flow’ in their work and are tired of sabotage
  • are ambitiously looking for professional meaning – a life mission in their work environment
  • want to manage with a coaching attitude on the level of identity and vision
  • also want to be a mentor in their organisation
  • want to resource themselves and experience themselves in their power
  • want to question themselves in order to improve themselves
  • want to experience their self-esteem

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The programme

Programme details

Programme structure
  • 12 training days (4 x 3) spread over 15 months
  • 3 half days of group intervision and group coaching
  • 1 closing project day: presentation of your personal portfolio (the results of your learning process)
  • 3 individual mentor moments of 1h (videocall Zoom)
  • Bloomlinks: intermediate workshops by the participants
  • CCEU: 40


This continuous learning process of 15 months is supported by:

  • 3 group intervisions (3 x 3.5 hours) guided by a Master Certified Coach (MCC)
  • Personal support: you can ask specific questions by email or phone
  • Integration tasks in-between the modules in order to put what you have learned to practice
  • Personal mentor moments: between each module we discuss your progress, your resources and pitfalls in a co-creative way


Recommended: Mentor coaching

  • In order to be able to apply this high level of coaching skills and attitudes, it is crucial that you are coached or supervised on your own process
  • We encourage you to choose a personal coach at the beginning of the programme with a minimum of 2000 hours of practical experience (MCC level or equivalent)

Every topic in the BLOOM programme can be applied to your own process as well as the process with your clients.

We explore topics from three points of view:

  1. The comprehension and ability to describe with your own words that what has been said
  2. Methods for exploring, observing and recognising coaching themes in a co-creative partnership with clients
  3. Ways to invite clients in a long-term application and integration of the collected insights

As the programme developers, we reserve the right to change programme items between modules, as and when it is required in the developmental progress.

Learn from experts

Our programmes are facilitated by experienced coaches/trainers at Master Certified Coach level. 

We have been a pioneer and trendsetter in coaching programmes with innovative methods for over 15 years, both pedagogically and technologically. Our expertise is extensive as we are one of the founders of professional coaching in Belgium. Training & Coaching Square was the first training institute in Belgium to be recognised by the International Coach Federation (ICF) in 2007.


Expert in the field of training and coaching

We ensure a top-quality professional training programme in which participants go through a genuine evolution. Obtaining a certificate from Training & Coaching Square represents an achievement: guided by Founder and General Manager Marleen Boen, Master Certified Coach (MCC), ‘coaching’ became a hallmark. 

Our professional coaching training for Managers and Coaches is based on a rich business experience. We constantly keep our finger on the pulse of what is needed in our changing and disruptive society.

Coaching is the ideal business strategy to support Managers as we focus on the human side of transformation.

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