What can you expect of our Free interactive info-webinar?


Are you considering an ICF Certified Coach Training Programme because you know coaching competences are important as an HR professional, project manager, consultant, leader or coach?  We are happy to support you in making the best choice, free of charge.

Can’t see the wood for the trees in these times when coach training courses are popping up everywhere?

We make it crystal clear for you – we inform you about advantages and disadvantages – about credibility of certification and about methods and coaching tools.

Meet up with us and get information and more insight into the why, what and how of our coaching programmes and formulas

Programme info-webinar

  •  30 minutes interactive online + 30 minutes information sharing + 30 minutes questions free
  • What answers do you hope to find? What is important to you in this programme?
  • After the webinar, we would like to stay in touch with you to give you personal advice, we would also like to hear your opinion so we can continue to evolve

We have 1 goal : you become a top coach or a top manager with coaching skills and you will have a worldwide recognised certificate in your pocket.

Combi part 1 & 2: Combi ROOT©+GROW© Certified Coach
Certification: Supervisie en ICF Coach Mentoring

Through our innovative vision, our entrepreneurship and our continued pioneering spirit we still make sure to keep our lead in terms of content, thoroughness and individual attention.

We also make all our knowledge available during 1 year on a learning platform so you can continue to evolve at your own rhythm

In every training course, a trainer coach with more than 10 years of coaching experience participates and the general supervision is in the hands of MCC Marleen Boen and Top PCC business coach Kathleen Bosman.