Nicole wellens

Nicole Wellens

TCS Aligned Partner - PCC

Nicole is a playful and powerful coach who guides people to finding their answers by ‘inspiring with impact’, helping them to realise their goals, discover their potential, achieve a higher level of wellbeing and more enjoyment in their work and life. Her motto is: Imagine what YOU can have, do, BE!

Attention giving
passion seeking
goal oriented
inspiring and warm

TCS Aligned Partner – PCC (MCC in aanvraag)

Coaching experience and focus areas
  • When you choose Nicole as your coach, you can expect a unique approach of in depth working and lightness. Compassion and delicacy are some of her core powers and she uses this to entice coachees to take action, responsibility and step up. She succeeds in creating an inspiring space in which solutions can germinate and develop (often almost unnoticed). Nicole doesn’t hesitate to lead by example when it comes to openness, vulnerability and self-disclosure. Words that describe her are: trust, safety, sharing, listening, involvement and result oriented. She profoundly believes in the potential of each individual. She’s convinced that life is a constant process of growth and in that she herself is an ‘eternal student’. This provides her with an extensive basis of knowledge and tools, which she is very happy to share. A clear structure is built into the coaching trajectories that Nicole guides and this offers coachees concrete and hands on tools. “Our session has been very useful and can only contribute to ‘pushing through’ … “, “Your coaching has inspired me to take just the steps I needed”, “Our conversations have given me a lot to think about AND act upon, therefor I’m very grateful”, “You have given me a lot of space to push through and go further.”, “I experience a better balance between self-interest and the interest of my team, my leader, my family, …”, “I notice that I present myself differently in my business, more as me and still involved with others. I didn’t think this possible before my coaching trajectory with you!”, “My self-confidence has boosted ☺!”, … These are just a few of many similar comments that coachees spontaneously shared after working with Nicole as a coach. To guide people towards more pleasure and passion in work and life, that is what ‘to inspire with impact’ is all about for Nicole. This is a commitment that she takes on with a lot of enthusiasm, with every single one of her coachees!
what Nicole is particularly proud of :
  • ICF Professional Certified Coach with + 3.000 hours experience
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Licensed Insights Discovery Practitioner
  • Licensed Enneagram Practitioner

Nicole is passionately active in these programs: