Thinking in possibilities as a cure for binary ‘either – or’ thinking.

The belief that the possibilities surpass your thinking on the possible. That is possibility thinking or thinking in possibilities or options. It is a unique human capacity, that allows us to stay away from binary thinking. Thinking in possibilities is also an essential power in an era that is earmarked by insecurity, according to Marleen Boen.

Marleen: ‘In our world of today and tomorrow, everything is possible. I am convinced of that. On the condition that we grant it to each other. This goes on all playing fields: in families, in teams, in organizations and across the world. ‘Our’ 21st Century has already solved a number of serious issues from the previous decades. In 10 years from now, a number of key issues of today will have been resolved. However, in the transformational process towards those solutions, it is essential that we grant each other concessions. If we don’t do that, then we will not realize our potential as human beings and we will be disappointed in ourselves and others.”

Marleen mentioned before that humans are complex and made up out of different aspects: ratio, emo and intuition combined with energetic power and spiritual potential. “Human beings can not function alone, they are social beings, requiring the constant feedback of mirrors from our environment. A powerful thinking from possibilities is only possible for humans that have a strong emotional maturity. Training and Coaching Square can support your growth journey in this domain. We use the validated EQI test (Emotional Quotient Inventory). The results of the test can serve as direction and point towards your blind spots. You will learn to really look at yourself, instead of focusing on others.”

The future? Shared perception and common goal

What will organizations look like in 3 to 5 years from now? Marleen Boen: “We know for sure that there will be a complete new order in organizations. No old order, but a completely new one and today we don’t yet know which one that will be. Our present time is a transitioning period. In the midst of that transition there is ‘chaos’. I am taking a stand to allow that chaos in your organization.’ Running away is not the solution, because you will end up in a different organization, that is experiencing that their own transformation chaos. To conquer this chaos, we need to create and construct this new order. To be able to do that, we need strong employees, that collaborate from a place of trust, that are showing strong self-leadership and have a strong thinking from possibility: AND-AND instead of EITHER-OR.

How do you deal with all the unknown factors in that transition, how do you give direction and set goals? Marleen: “You can only indicate the playing field and explain as many factors as you can. And making assumptions that take into account these unknown factors. It is a story of Trial and Error. Of taking losses – which hurts – and creating space for investments in innovation at the same time. Manageable objectives and sequential adaptations, the more the unknown factors become clear. Mind you, you can not play this game with people that are only willing to play in a ‘secure setting’.

Marleen continues: “Let’s be careful for impulsive reactions. Take some distance and let things settle. Let go of blaming others ‘for wronging you’. Everything is possible – if we allow concessions to others – from a trusted mentality of building a future together in a progressive way. Shared perception and common goals, those are the words of the future. And that is what makes us unique as humans.

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