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GROW© Certified Business Coach - Level 2

The shortest route to becoming a Certified Business Coach

Professional Coaching
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Support others in the human challenges of change processes

Nowadays every organization and therefore every Manager has to deal with change in one way or another. The business strategy of the 21st century is to be resilient as a leader and to guide others to do the same using their full potential. How can you achieve that? With professional coaching skills and a non-judgemental coaching attitude. The ‘GROW© Certified Business Coach’ is a top coach training programme that is formally accredited by the International Coaching Federation and enables participants to integrate the ICF core coaching competencies.

This programme is for:
  • Managers who want to develop an impactful leadership style
  • Managers who have to facilitate creative and innovative thinking processes
  • HR Managers who want to sharpen their coaching skills
  • Consultants who want to enrich their advisory style with a coaching style
  • (Internal) Coaches who want the credibility of Professional Certification

Supervision + ICF coach mentoring module ‘GROW© Certified Business Coach’ (optional: € 850)

If desired, ‘GROW© Certified Business Coach’ leads to ICF Certification without having to take a separate exam at the International Coach Federation. In short: certification is optional.

The programme

Programme detail

Programme structure

The format of Combi ROOT© + GROW© Certified Business Coach:

  • 4 x 2 training days
  • 1 home learning day – a fixed day for distance learning with trainer backup via Zoom
  • 1 practice day – supervised practice day with feedback
  • 1 group coaching session – coaching in small groups focussing on essential coaching themes
  • 1 individual coaching session – personal coaching for your development as a coach
  • 1 practice group supervision – (minimum) 8 hours: you are supervised while coaching your colleagues. You receive a video recording and extensive personal feedback from the supervisors and other participants.
  • 2 expert webinars to deepen a specific theme
  • Practice groups: in-between modules you as a participant spend a minimum of 4 hours with your fellow participants to discuss and practice 
  • Interim assignments: in-between modules you do assignments to speed up your learning process



  • Access to the Blended Learning Platform
  • Validated Enneagram Professional Report with individual debriefing session
  • Support: share your questions by telephone or e-mailMaterial: workbook, GROW© Essentials-book


  • 1 Certification Day (optional, € 850), including assessment of your competencies in a written report

GROW© Certified Business Coach is taught by our certified PCC/MCC-level coaches/trainers according to the HILL method (High Impact Learning that Lasts). The classical training is combined with intermediate assignments, distance learning, feedback and encouragement to improve your skills.


With this programme you engage in a continuous learning process, a mature way of learning in which you keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in today’s society … and tomorrow, with an open mind and curiosity. You personally evolve from an ‘interpretative or narrative mode’ to a non-judgmental ‘listening and questioning mode’. This is the best way to stimulate new choices, answers and determination. As a manager or coach, you enhance your toolbox with powerful competencies which make the difference in professional working relationships and are really impactful. By confronting contradictions and links, for example, you support a change in the habits of your coachees. Managers and coaches who engage in process learning dare to leave their comfort zone and continue to grow both professionally and personally.


As a participant, we want to provide you with the best possible training experience throughout the training programme, which will also have a real effect on your competencies and attitude as a coach. That’s why we also add an aspect of Interactive Content & Feedback Learning: this is experience learning at its best. The aim is to increase your decisiveness so that you can deal with ‘unforeseen factors’ in coaching and leadership in a flexible way. And of course that fits in perfectly with today’s ‘Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous’ society. Your training will become less technical and more an ‘experience’ of coaching as a profession.


Our objectives:

  • Practically apply your coaching competencies: less theory, more guided coaching with direct feedback and an action and reflection plan
  • More involvement in your own learning process: less scholastic, more ownership
  • More depth in your own learning process
  • More preparation for each module so you can go straight into learning mode: pre-reading (white papers, book summary, …), pre-reflection (question assignments, …), pre-tasking (videos, self-observations, …)


In short: GROW© Certified Business Coach is the spearhead of coaching and leadership in a changing world.

Learn from experts

Our programmes are facilitated by experienced coaches/trainers at Professional Certified Coach and Master Certified Coach level. 


We have been a pioneer and trendsetter in coaching programmes with innovative methods for over 15 years, both pedagogically and technologically. Our expertise is extensive as we are one of the founders of professional coaching in Belgium. Training & Coaching Square was the first training institute in Belgium to be recognised by the International Coach Federation (ICF) in 2007.


Expert in the field of training and coaching

We ensure a top-quality professional training programme in which participants go through a genuine evolution. Obtaining a certificate from Training & Coaching Square represents an achievement: guided by Founder and General Manager Marleen Boen, Master Certified Coach (MCC), ‘coaching’ became a hallmark. 


Our professional coaching training for Managers and Coaches is based on a rich business experience. We constantly keep our finger on the pulse of what is needed in our changing and disruptive society.


Coaching is the ideal business strategy to support Managers as we focus on the human side of transformation.

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