The fastest road to become an effective and impactful coach

Coaching is not only a critical leadership competency, it also allows coaches, leaders, executives and professionals to activate the creative and innovative thinking capabilities of their team members and clients.

Do you need coaching skills in your job? Do you have to activate creative thinking in your team? Do you have to stimulate innovation in your organisation? Do you have to facilitate thinking and decision processes? Then the ROOT-GROW Combi program will enable you to do exactly that!

The program is practice-based and spread over one year so you can integrate it in your life and work schedule. It blends face-to-face training with virtual training, practice sessions and supervision sessions. At the end of the program, participants will be able to mobilise their coaching skills and adopt the non-judgmental coaching attitude and presence. Participants who wish to acquire the ICF certificate of Associate Certified Coach or Professional Certified Coach, can register for the certification day after the end of the program. The certification process is optional and not obligatory and you can register for a certification day also at a later stage, should you wish to do so.  

The ROOT-GROW Combi program is a unique formula in Belgium and an opportunity for coaches and leaders to develop and strengthen their coaching effectiveness and the fastest possible route to acquiring the globally renowned coaching certificate of the International Coach Federation, without having to pass any further exams through ICF.

As there is only one program in English each year, make sure you don’t miss the boat and seize the opportunity to register.

The ROOT-GROW Combi @ Training and Coaching Square

The fastest road to become an effective and impactful coach